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Anna Samokhina

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Anna Samokhina

Anna Vladlenovna Samokhina was bright film star of the 1990s, one of Russia's most admired film and theatre actresses, o ne of the most beautiful women of Russian cinema who was sometimes referred to as the Russian Marilyn Monroe.

Born on Jan. 14, 1963 in the Kemerovo region in Siberia, Samokhina graduated from the Yaroslavl Theater School. The debut role for Anna Samokhina was a apart of Mercedes in Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich's film "The Prisoner of If Castle" in 1988. The role brought her immediate success and popularity and a fame of most beautiful and enchanting women of the national cinematograph.

In the 1990s Anna Samokhina became a true godsend for scriptwriters and film directors. It seemed that the scenarios were written specially for her - hardly anybody else could have better portrayed those glamorous beauties in costume historical dramas. And her next bright appearance in "Don Cesar de Bazan"(1989) added to Samohina's popularity. Her major success though was the role of Rita in the 1988 Soviet classic "The Kings of Crime", the first attempt by Russian filmmakers during perestroika to explore the phenomenon of Soviet mobsters.

After the film Anna was titled "a symbol of the evolution of Russian filmmaking, of its transition from the Soviet-era peasant-worker heroines to the modern poignant and more sophisticated characters."

Some of Samokhina's most remarkable roles included princess Tarakanova in "The Tsar's Hunt" (1990), Zinaida Voloshina in "The Chinese Tea-Set" (1999), Anzhelika Kudrina in "Angelica's Passion" (1993) and Ada Zakharzhevskaya in the TV series "The Black Crow" (2001). Throughout her career, the actress was continually voted for by industry magazines as one of the most beautiful and elegant actresses in Russia, renowned for her charm and style. The owner of popular St. Petersburg restaurants Graf Suvorov (Count Suvorov) and Poruchik Rzhevsky (Lieutenant Rzhevsky), she was a favourite with the country's premier lifestyle and beauty magazines, in which she frequently gave beauty and dietary recommendations. On Feb. 4, Russia's Culture Minister Alexander Avdeyev signed a decree awarding Samokhina the title of Honoured Artist of Russia.

Unfortunately Anna was not able to enjoy this status. She had been diagnosed with stomach cancer and was spending her last days in one of Saint Petersburg hospices. Doctors could not save the actress: when the tumour was diagnosed, it was already too late to operate it. The actress was buried at the city's Smolenskoye cemetery.

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