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Elena Mayorova

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Elena Mayorova

Elena Mayorova was born in Yuzhno Sachalinsk, USSR (now Russia). She was dreaming to become an actress since childhood and attended a theatrical studio for children and the youth in her city. After finishing the school she went to Moscow to study acting. However her numerous attempts were failing for 2 years, until Oleg Tabakov, a famous artistic director of the Moscow Art Theatre saw her acting capacities and talent. So Elena became a student of Soviet State Theatrical Institute (GITIS). After the graduation Elena became an actress of "Sovremennik" theatre and was invited into Moscow Art Theatre (MKhAT).

Her extraordinary beauty and natural talent attracted the attention of film directors. So she became a demanded film actress. Mayorova played in films: "34-y skoryy" ("Fire on East Train 34") by Andrew Maluykov, a comedy "Odinokim predostavlyaetsya obshchezhitiye" by Samson Samsonov, a social drama "Zina-Zinulya" by Pavel Chukhraj. However Elena mainly played cliche roles of train attendants, militia officers and barmaids. The play "Orsteya" proved Elena Mayorova was capable of a deep dramatic performance. World tour with this play brought her fame and recognition not only in the Soviet Union but abroad.

Her best roles in the cinema were in drama "Makarov" by Vladimir Khotionenko, political drama "Lost in Siberia" by Alexander Mitta and melodrama "Skoryy poezd" ("Fast train") by Olga Korneyeva.

Her last role in film "Strannoe vremya" ("The strange time") by Natalia Piankova where Mayorova played a mature woman falling in love with a man much younger made a tragic effect on her life. She fell in love with the actor playing her partner's role in this film. Arguably this love, or her genetic background, her addiction to alcohol and previous attempts of suicide made her burn herself. She died in Sklifosofsky hospital on 23.08.1997.

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