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Svetlana Druzhinina - Russian actress, script writer and film director

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Svetlana Druzhinina

Svetlana Druzhinina is a Soviet-Russian actress, film director, scriptwriter, People's Actress of Russian Federation.

Druzhinina was born on Dec. 16, 1936 in Moscow. In 1955 she graduated from the Moscow Ballet School of the Bolshoi Theater, in 1960 -acting Department of State Institute of Cinematography (studio BV Bibikova and OI Pyzhova), and in 1968 - directing department VGIK (workshop of Talankin).

Her first role of the actress was in the film - Sonia Bozhko in the film 'Za vitrinij univermaga', 1955 (' Behind the windows of the store') by Samson Samsonov. Next roles of Larisa in the drama 'Delo bylo v Penkove' ( 'It was in Penkovo', 1958) by Stanislav Rostotsky and Anfisa in lyrical comedy 'Devchata' ( 'Girls', 1962) directed by Yuri Chulyukin brought her fame all over the Soviet Union and abroad.

For 10 years (1955 - 1965 ) Svetlana Druzhinina was an actress of Maksim Gorky Central Film Studio and starred in more then 10 films.

In 1974 Svetlana Druzhinina made her debut as a film director with the film 'Ispolnenie Zhelanij' ('Performance desires'). The results of her successful directorial works include a picture of 'Dulcinea del Toboso' and 'The Circus Princess' with other famous Russian actresses Natalia Gundareva and Natalia Belokhvostikova.

The historical-adventure film 'Gardemariny Vpered!' (Naval Cadets, Charge!), which appeared on the screens of the country in 1987 made a huge audience success. Popularity of 'cadets' was so great that soon the director made two sequels. Druzhinina was also a frequent speaker and author and co-author of scripts for his films.

Since 1994 Svetlana Druzhinina has been working over another historical-adventure TV series, based on real Russian history - 'Tayny dvortsovykh perevorotov' ('The mysteries of the palace coups')

Druzhinina is married to a famous cinematographer Anatoly Mukasey, who filmed most Druzhinina TV projects.

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