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Tamara Makarova

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Tamara Makarova

Russian Greta Garbo. (8/131907 - 1/18/1997)

Tamara Makarova was titled a woman-mystery. This entrancing became a source of inspiration for her husband, a famous film director, Sergei Gerasimov, unofficially considered to be the main film director of the Soviet Union and his wife - the top film star.

Makarova was born in the family of a military doctors, graduated from the theatrics institute in Leningrad, was an actress of "Lenfilm" studio and a professor in VGIK. Tamara Makarova gained fame all throughout the Soviet Union with Gerasimov's film "Semero smelyh" ("The seven brave") released in 1936. After that her husband released films she starred in one after another - "Komsomolsk", "The teacher", "Masquerade". The last film was finished right before the When the WWII broke out.

Makarova was a Leningrad citizen and did not evacuate but stayed in the city to take part in the defence. She worked as a political and sanitary activist and then a nurse in the hospital. In 1943 Makarova and Gerasimov left the city and settled down in Central Asia. Tamara Makarova spent much of her career working closely with Sergei Gerasimov, she starred in 16 films. Her husband and she were both working in All-Russian State University of Cinematography and prepared many generations of Russian actors

Such famous Soviet actors as Sergei Bondarchuk, Ludmila Gurchenko, Natalia Fateeva, Galina Polskih, Zhanna Bolotova, Sergei Nikonenko and others are all the graduates of Mararova and Gerasimov's workshop. Tamara Maakarova continued her movie career as well. Her filmography includes: the role of Sofya Andreyevna in "Lev Tolstoy", Peter`s mother in "Yunost Petra", Aleksandra Vasilyeva Petrushkova in "Lyubit cheloveka", Dr. Tatyana Kazakhova in "Selskiy vrach", Oleg`s Mother in "The Young Guard", Elena Alexeievna in "Dochki-materi" and others. Makarova died in 1997 and was buried in Moscow in Novodevichy Cemetery.

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