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Tatyana Lioznova - Famous Soviet film director

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Tatyana Lioznova

The People's Artist of the USSR, film-director and scriptwriter Tatyana Lioznova is the one whose films became the cult of the Soviet cinema. Best known for her TV series Seventeen Moments of Spring (1973) Lioznova is really a unique name in the history of Soviet TV and cinematography.

After school Tanya entered the Moscow Aviation Institute but soon left it. In the thick of the war, in 1945, she entered VGIK (The All-Russian State Institute for Cinematography) and studied at the workshop of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova.

Lioznova made her debut in 1958 as the director of The Memory of the Heart(Pamyat serdtsa) co-written by her with Tamara Makarova, who played one of the leads in the film.

One of Lioznova's most famous films is the lyrical drama 'Three Poplars at Plyuschika' (Tri topolya na Plyushchikhe) (1967) starring Tatyana Doronina and Oleg Yefremov. The film sprouted from Aleksandra Pakhmutova's song 'Tenderness'. The starry duet of Tatyana Doronina and Oleg Yefremov was a masterpiece of acting. This story of a nearly sprung love of a taxi driver and a married peasant woman won the hearts of Russian viewers, with its open narratives, psychologically penetrating close-ups, and poignant musical scores.

In 1973 Lioznova completed her 12-series TV film 'Seventeen Moments of Spring' (Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny), which turned to be one of the most notable works of the Soviet cinematographer. The series is about the life of Soviet spy Maksim Isaev operating in Nazi Germany under the name Max Otto von Stirlitz, played by theSoviet actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov is based on the series of books by the novelist Yulian Semyonov. It was filmed at for several years in various parts of the Soviet Union n and abroad. Such famous soviet actors as Leonid Bronevoy, Oleg Tabakov, Yuri Vizbor, Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev, Rostislav Plyatt, Vasily Lanovoy, and Mikhail Zharkovsky were starring in the film. The music for the series was written by composer Mikael Tariverdiev. The series was immensely popular in the Soviet Union and after almost 40 years it did not lose its popularity.

In 1981 Lioznova directed two films, quite different in genre but equally noted by critics and viewers: the social drama 'My, nizhepodpisavshiyesya' (We, the Undersigned, 1981) and the musical about a young woman's fate 'Karnaval' (Carnival, 1981) starring Irina Muravyova.

Lioznova devoted many efforts and much time to teaching. Among the students of Professor Lioznova there are a lot of cinematographers well-known today.

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