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Alla Bayanova. Famous Russian Women: Alla Bayanova, The queen of Russian chanson

Alla Bayanova, a legendary performer of old Russian and Gipsy romances.

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Alla Bayanova

Alla Nikolayevna Bayanova is a symbolic Russian singer, most famous for her mellow voice and simple yet dramatic style of performance.

Bayanova was born in Bessarabia on18 May 1914. She is the only child of an opera singer and the ballerina he loved. She was five when her native Bessarabia went over from Russia to Romania. Then the family moved to Paris where at the age of 13 she began signing. Alla's father, an opera singer, and the famous Russian chansonnier Alexander Vertinsky were her first teachers.

Success came quickly but life was full of hardship. Bayanova survived the death of her fiancee. She was arrested by the Romanian authorities and interned into a concentration camp for having performed in the Russian language during World War II. After the war she performed in Serbia, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel and, of course, Romania. During Nicolae Ceausescu's government Bayanova could visit Moscow and settled there permanently.

Since then, despite her age (over 90!), she has given more than 500 concerts in various regions of Russia. Bayanova's repertoire-Gypsy traditionals, Russian romances, and the odd French cabaret favourite.

Bayanova was named People's Artist of Russian Federation and celebrated the 80th anniversary of her stage career in 2003. In 2004 she sang in a concert to celebrate her 90th birthday. Most recently, she collaborated with Marc Almond on several duets.

Alla Nikolayevna Bayanova died on 30 August 2011, aged 97, of cancer.

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