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Anna Yaroslavna - Anne of Kiev aka Agnes - Queen of France

Great Russian women - Anna Yaroslavna

Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise, who ruled the Russian land in the middle of the XI century, had numerous offspring, including three daughters. His eldest daughter, Elizabeth became the wife of the Norwegian King Harold Bold.

Anna Yaroslavna - Anne of Kiev - marrying King Henry II, became queen of France. Hungarian King Andrew was married to Anastasia Yaroslavna - Anastasia of Kiev.

Anne of Kiev (1024/1028 - about 1075) - the second daughter of Grand Duke of Kiev Yaroslav the Wise was born in Kiev. Anna's mother - Grand Duchess Ingigerda (baptism Irina), the daughter of the Norwegian King Olaf.

In the spring of 1048, Anna was declared a bride French King Henry I, on behalf of whom arrived in Kiev Embassy. Yaroslav the Wise has given formal consent to the marriage of Anna and Henry I. In the autumn of 1048, Anna arrived in Paris. The French were so struck by the extraordinary beauty of Princess Anne, they noted this in his chronicles. May 14, 1049, the day of the Holy Trinity, in the old French capital - the city of Reims - Henry I solemnly married to Anna Yaroslavna.

On a day when Anne of Kiev became the queen of France, she presented the gospel of the cathedral, which was brought from Kiev (later it was called "Reims Gospel"). In this Gospel, transcribed in Cyrillic in the Kiev St. Sophia Cathedral in the 40-ies. XI c., King of France over the centuries to take an oath of allegiance.

In France, the Russian princess called Anna Russian. Queen Anne transferred to France primordially Russian trait - charity - and the doctrine of almsgiving as a sacred duty of everyone. Concerned about the fate of widows and orphans, making rich donations to monasteries, Anne of Kiev quickly earned the people's love and wide popularity as "good Queen." In the letter to her Pope Nicholas II wrote: "Hearing about your virtues delightful maid, reached our ears, and with great joy we hear that you are doing your royal duties with commendable zeal and remarkable mind." The great authority Anna in French society is the fact that during the life of the king she had the right to put his signature on the documents of national importance next to the signature of the king of France.

For several years Anna had no children. And then she remembered the custom of her native country, appealed to the patron saint of French Vikenty. Queen vowed that she raise up in honor of this holy monastery, if he make her happy with a son born. Finally in 1053, Anna gave birth to a son, the long-awaited heir to the French throne, which gave the Greek name of Philip. Then Anna was born two more sons - Robert and Hugo. September 4, 1060, King Henry died suddenly of a heart attack. In the seven-year reign of Philip I. Anne of Kiev he became the guardian of the young king and ruler of France. After her husband's death she and her sons retired to the residence of Senlis, which is the most secure place for the education of the young king and his brothers.

In 1060 Queen Anne, fulfilling a long-standing vow founded the monastery of St. Vincent in Senlis. October 29, 1065 the construction of the temple and monastery buildings was completed. In the XVII century in the rebuilt portico of the monastery was erected a sculpture by Anna Yaroslavna upright with a small model of the church founded by her hands. The inscription on the pedestal reads: "Russian Anna, Queen of France, founded the cathedral in 1060".

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