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Anna Leopoldovna, regent of Russia from November 1740 to November 1741

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Anna Leopoldovna

Born Dec. 7 [Dec. 18, New Style], 1718, Rostock, Mecklenburg [Germany] Died March 7 [March 18], 1746, Kholmogory, Russia in full Anna Leopoldovna regent of Russia (November 1740-November 1741) for her son, the emperor Ivan VI.

A niece of Empress Anna (reigned 1730-40), Anna Leopoldovna married a nephew of the Holy Roman emperor Charles VI in 1739 and gave birth to a son, Ivan (Aug. 2 [Aug. 13], 1740), who was named heir to the Russian throne by Empress Anna in 1740, shortly before she died.

A few weeks later, however, the empress's appointed regent, Ernst Johann Biron, was arrested by certain members of the ruling German clique in Russia, led by Burkhard Munnich and Andrey Osterman. Munnich and Osterman appointed Anna Leopoldovna regent and assumed dominant positions in her government.

But they were unpopular among the Russians, and, when they weakened the administration by quarreling with each other, Anna's major rival, Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter I the Great (reigned 1682-1725), staged a palace revolution (Nov. 25 [Dec. 6], 1741).

Elizabeth imprisoned Anna and her family in 1742 and in 1744 exiled them to Kholmogory, where Anna died.

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