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Larisa Rubalskaya, a poet and lyricist

Larisa Rubalskaya

Great Russian women-writers

Poet and lyricist Larisa Alekseevna Rubalskaya was born in 1945 in Moscow. She is a teacher and translator by profession.

Her first song "Recollection" was written in cooperation with composer Valdimir Migulya and performed by famous Russian singer Valentina Tolkunova. Since 1984 Larisa Rubalskaya is a prize winner on annual musical contest "The song of the year" on TV.

Her songs were performed by Alla Pugacheva ('Dochenka' ("My dear daughter"), "Zhivi spokojno strana" ("Do not worry, my country")), Michael Muromov ("The strange woman"), Philip Kirkorov ("Vinovat ya vinovat"("Yes, I am guilty")), Irina Allegrova ("Transit passenger"), Alsu ("Light in your window"), Iosif Kobzon ("Blue envelope") and other famous Russian singers.

Larisa Rubalskaya works closely with a composers David Tukhmanov, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Arkadij Ukupnik, Viktor Chaika and others. She takes part in TV shows and participates as jury on music festivals and songs contest.

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