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Maiya Crystalinskaya. The angel with sad eyes - a popular Russian stage singer

Great Russian women - Maiya Crystalinskaya, Russian singer star of all times

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Maiya Crystalinskaya

Maiya Crystalinskaya was a popular Russian stage singer. She was born in 1932 in Moscow, graduated from the institute of Aviation. In 1957 Crystalinskaya became a prize winner in the international festival of students and the youth in Moscow. Having still worked in design engineering bureau, Crystalinskaya became known as a singer and sang on the stage. After her successful touring Caucasian region, Crystalinskaya was offered to perform on professional stage and became a soloist of famous jazz bands of Oleg Lundstrem and Eddie Rozener. Her popularity boosted, such songs as "U tebya takie glaza" ("Such eyes you have"), "Spasibo aist" ("Thank you stork"), "V nashem gorode dozhd" ("It's raining in our city"), "Skoro Avgust" ("August is coming") gained love throughout the USSR.

Her record with the song "Dva berega" ("Two banks of the river") was sold in 7 million copies. Crystalinskaya was the best singer of the year1966. She also recorded some songs in English and Polish, cooperated with such famous composers as Alexandra Pakhmutova, Arno Babadzhanyan, Ludmila Lyadova, Mikael Tariverdiev .

The song "Nezhnost" ("Tenderness") is considered to be the top success in her musical career. The public called her the "mommy of the Soviet stage" for the heartfelt and soulful performance. Not many knew she was death-sick (cancer) and the doctors forbade her to sing. After chemo series she gave concerts anyway.

When the singer could not perform, she worked as a translator and journalist. Maiya Crystalinskaya died in hospital in 1985 at the age of 53. Her songs are still famous and loved by Russians and she remains one of the most outstanding starts of Russian stage.

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