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In fact Russian women finally got the free access to education and science during the Soviet times, in the 1920th. Before that Russian women were educated and pursue science abroad, in the countries where women were not discriminated in these areas. Some Russian women are known to have gotten top European universities diplomas awards.

In the beginning on the 20th century several Russian women scientists Olga Kramarskaya, Bilevich-Stankevich and Lotta Borodina, a daughter of famous Russian botanist got doctor's degrees, yet they were refused research work and teaching in Russia.

An outstanding Russian female mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya became a doctor of science in 1874, but cold not realize her potential and work in Russia.

In modern Russia women make more then a half of cadre in chemistry, biology, geography, medicine, agriculture, architecture, yet they do not take leading positions. The exception is Tatyana Zaslavskaya, Russian economical sociologist, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences .

The list of outstanding Russian female scientists continue Zinaida Vissarionovna Ermol'eva, a Russian microbiologist, famous for developing domestic penicillin, a member of Academy of Medical Sciences.

Nowadays Russian women scientist invest into developing of science considerably. In 2008 10 of them, including chemist Sofia Artemkina, biologist Evgenia Bogomolova, biologist Oksana Kaluzhnaya, chemist Oksana Kaluzhnaya, physicist Lada Puntus, biophysicist Anastasia Makar'eva were awarded UNESCO awards for developing science in 2008.

Sofia Kovalevskaya, great Russian mathematician
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